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G. Morris Carr, LLC, is dedicated to providing individualized client service and experienced legal advice to clients in Macon, Georgia, and surrounding areas who are contemplating a divorce or require family law counsel. Our focus is accessibility to clients, and we will work closely with you to develop practical legal solutions designed to meet your unique legal needs.

At G. Morris Carr, LLC, we focus on experienced and dedicated family law services. Our focused attention to this practice area means that we are always abreast of the law and know effective legal strategies that get results. To discuss your own family law matter with one of our skilled Macon, Georgia, family law attorneys, please contact us online today.

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We have successfully resolved more than a 1,000 family law matters, including:

We understand the emotional and financial impact legal disputes have on families and on children. We work toward a prompt resolution of your family law matter so that you can move on with life. G. Morris Carr, LLC, will take the time to understand your specific family law issues, your values and your goals.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

If you are an attorney and have a case that needs mediation and alternative dispute resolution services, contact G. Morris Carr, LLC. Attorney Carr offers candid assessments of strengths and weaknesses of each case.

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