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Choose the adoption type that is right for your needs

Many questions come into your mind when you are considering an adoption. One that you have to think about at the very beginning of the process is what type of adoption you want to pursue. You have two options -- open or closed.

These two adoption types have some very important points that you have to consider carefully. Here are a few of the points you should think about.

5 ways mediation can make your divorce go smoothly

When you're going through a divorce, there is a tendency to have conflicts here and there. Even an uncontested divorce may have some unresolved issues that need to be addressed. Some people believe allowing a judge to decide is a good way to move forward, but there are other options.

One of those options is mediation.

6 things for parents to think about before summer

Sharing a child with a parent with whom you aren't in a relationship with is a taxing process. One of the considerations you have to think about is how the summer months with your child will work.

While it might seem like you have plenty of time to plan, now is the time to start making those summer plans. Remember these points as you get started.

Paying your child support is important to your custody case

Divorce can be an emotional and frustrating time. Instead of life as you are used to, now you are living separately from your spouse and your children. No longer are your days bookended by interactions with your children. Instead, your time with them is relegated to the weekends and the occasional evening visit.

If you and your former spouse can't agree about custody, the situation can become even worse. While you may want to involve your children in the custody decision, if your former spouse isn't respecting their wishes or your, you may have a custody battle brewing.

Mediation can protect your children from the worst of divorce

One reason many parents hesitate to leave an unhealthy or nonworking marriage is out of fear of how divorce will impact their children. This concern is not unjustified. For many children, divorce of their parents is a watershed moment.

Once it happens, their life, their very personality may possible change permanently. The more protracted and difficult the divorce, the harder the process may be on the children involved. For that reason, among many others, it makes sense for parents who are divorcing to consider mediation as an alternative to traditional divorce hearings via a court.

Fathers can benefit from a shared parenting plan after divorce

As a father going through the divorce process, you may have concerns about your future with your children.

Since you want to be part of their life in the future, you need to consider all your legal options. For many, this means learning more about a shared parenting plan.

3 ways to include your child in custody decisions

Your child is getting older, and, as a teen, he might have an opinion on what he wants to see happen with custody or visitation times. You and your ex have always been there for your child, and you both want what's for the best, but as a young adult, your teen might have a different idea. How can you encourage your teen to accept your guidance in this situation and still allow him to be heard?

Is an uncontested divorce right for you?

For those who choose divorce, there's often a moment of recognition that this is the direction things are heading, a moment that can often lead to panic about the future. While this is an understandable reaction to the dissolution of an important relationship, a divorce does not have to be a disaster.

"But what about my children? What about our assets?" These are good questions to ask, and the good news is that none of the issues involved in a divorce necessarily have to be protracted battles.

The Lurid Past Of Georgia Adoptions

Last month, the online magazine Narratively published a luridly detailed account of a Georgia adoption scandal that took place in the mid-20th century. It centers on the Hicks Community Clinic, which operated out of McCaysville, and whose founder, Dr. Thomas Hicks, offered secret abortions and adoption services to desperate young women.

Between 1955 and 1964, the Hicks Community Clinic sold an estimated 212 children - now known as the Hicks Babies - to adoptive parents. The transactions were clandestine and, of course, illegal. Poverty was at their root. Namely, in most cases, the birth mothers could not afford the costs of raising a child, and needed help placing their offspring in the hands of caring families.

Know your rights as a same-sex parent fighting for custody

Legal rights for same-sex couples in Georgia have been rapidly changing over the past year. A little over a year ago a Supreme Court ruling made same-sex marriage legal in Georgia. The ruling created new opportunities for couples in both marriage and as parents. In between rapidly changing legalities it can be difficult to know how same-sex parental rights are handled in court.

Before the "Marriage Equality" decision in 2015, child custody typically fell on whoever was recognized as the parent under law. At that time a child could only be considered for custody under guardianship, adoption, or by biological parents. This made it very difficult for same-sex couples with children. Issues arose when couples separated and one could be denied custody because they were not the biological mother or father. Family law is still difficult for same-sex couples in 2016 but the legal landscape quickly changing.

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