Macon Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyer

Courts are beginning to see mediation as a useful tool to resolve cases, and are often requiring mediation or some other form of alternative dispute resolution to be attempted in good faith before cases are brought before the judge.

When you want a skilled and dedicated mediator at the negotiating table for your family law or other litigation matter, contact G. Morris Carr, LLC, in Macon, Georgia.

We offer a candid assessment of strengths and weaknesses of each case. Our attorney's experience in family law cases affords him the ability to opine on the various issues that can arise in divorce and other family law disputes. His experience throughout Georgia also allows him to offer assessments on how certain cases will do in the counties where they are venue.

A Less Costly Approach To Resolving Disputes

If you or your client needs mediation or arbitration services, contact G. Morris Carr, LLC, today. Call our firm at 877-500-3631 or reach us online. We look forward to hearing from you.