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Vacation plans must be carefully considered

When school is out, parents often take their children on vacation. Whether it is a week-long vacation or a shorter jaunt, the goal is to have fun and make memories with the kids. When you and your child's other parent are no longer together, it can be difficult to make these plans.

Divorce with an adopted child and the challenges ahead

Adopting a child is a beautiful experience. When you do so, you think that your little family will remain together forever. Sometimes, this isn't the case. There is a chance that you will face a divorce down the road. If this happens, you might be faced with having to help an adopted child adjust to another major life upheaval.

What are your options when your ex stops paying child support?

Going through a divorce is an emotionally and financially difficult process. Whether the courts have already finalized your divorce or you're still waiting, you likely depend on the ordered amount of child support to properly care for your children. After all, taking care of minor children is an expensive task. Child care is costly, to say nothing of medical expenses, school supplies, clothing, food and shelter for your dependents.

How might a business impact a divorce?

Being married to a business owner isn't always easy. Having to deal with the schedule that can be unreliable and the fact that your husband might be called away at any moment to deal with issues related to the business can be challenging and stressful. For some women, this is a very difficult situation, but one that they deal with out of love.

Child-centered divorce can be challenging but not impossible

A divorce is a complicated issue for adults, but it can be even more complicated for the children who are impacted by it. One way that parents can make the entire situation easier for children is to ensure that everything that happens is centered on the children's well being.

3 ways to handle the division of your home in divorce

You've lived in your home for years with your spouse, but now that you're getting a divorce, your concern is that you won't be able to remain in the home you love. It is a possibility that you could stay in your home, depending on your circumstances, but there are other alternatives as well.

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