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Macon Child Support and Child Custody Lawyers

Custody disputes are always the most difficult area of family law. It is an emotional, stressful and complex area of the law. If you are going through a custody dispute, call G. Morris Carr, LLC, today. Our experienced Macon child custody and child support lawyers will guide you through this legally and emotionally complicated area of the law and help you make decisions that are in your children’s best interests.

To speak with an attorney, schedule an initial consultation by sending an email to G. Morris Carr, LLC.

What Are My Child’s Best Interests?

In determining child custody issues, the court looks at a number of different factors to determine what custody arrangement is in the child’s best interests, including:

  • Relationship between parent and child
  • Relationship with siblings
  • Knowledge of child’s school and educational and medical needs
  • Parents’ capability to cooperate
  • History of family violence
  • Mental health issues

If you are going through a custody battle, you need someone who has done extensive litigation in this area, knows how to use the factors effectively and understands what evidence is persuasive.

How Is Child Support Determined?

Child support is determined by specific statutory guidelines that consider both parents’ gross incomes. At G. Morris Carr, LLC, we will guide you through the process of establishing child support. Our Georgia attorney will also help you modify child support orders if there has been a substantial change in circumstances that makes the current order unfair.

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