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Grey divorce: Don't let it paralyze you

People who are 50 years old and older are divorcing at a higher rate than they did in the past. It is commonly assumed that older couples who are married will continue life in that manner, but some seniors are realizing that they don't have to continue in a marriage that isn't working.

There are many reasons for this, but many are attributing it to the fact that people tend to live longer now. Others are pointing to "empty nest syndrome" that occurs when the children have all moved out of the home. Boredom, lack of common interests, financial freedom and other points can also come into the picture. If you are facing a grey divorce, you need to ensure that you are taking steps to protect yourself.

Children often benefit from divorce mediation

Many parents who choose to divorce worry that the process may have adverse effects on their children. This fear is well-founded, and parents should take care to keep their children as safe and securely grounded as they can throughout a divorce, no matter what the circumstances.

Of course, some divorces get uglier than others, and the more divisive the process is between parents, the more likely it is to have an effect on the children of the divorcing couple.

Tips to help you during property division

There are many uncertainties that come with a divorce. Some are able to be worked through from the start but being prepared to handle uncommon things can help you to feel less stress and to work through matters from a practical standpoint.

One of the most important things for you to remember throughout this process is that you can't use the divorce as a way to get back at your ex. Being vindictive could cost you more than you realize. Instead, take the better option and do what is best for your needs. Your goal shouldn't be to "stick it to your ex"; it should be to start off your new life on the best footing possible.

Same-sex couples have the right to grow their family via adoption

LGBTI couples are experiencing a long-awaited expansion of their civil rights. After years of struggle, the federal courts have finally acknowledged same-sex marriage. This has given rise to increasing numbers of LGBTI couples marrying, as well as couples eventually divorcing. It has also paved the way for a higher number of LGBTI couples adopting children.

Even in very conservative states, like Georgia, same-sex couples now have more rights to grow their family through adoption. Of course, just because the job option is possible doesn't mean that it's easy. You and your spouse will have a significant amount of work and likely substantial expenses ahead of you before you finalize adoption paperwork.

The potential benefits of stepparent adoption in Georgia

Blended families, which include children from prior marriages, are quite common. Each family has its own unique circumstances, and parents should always remain as attentive to the individual needs of the children and their family as possible. One of those needs is the desire for a sense of belonging and family unity.

As a stepparent who has deep love and a sense of obligation toward your stepchildren, you may be wondering if the time has come to adopt the children of your spouse. By doing so, you can cement their position in your life, while also reinforcing the strength of your entire family unit. There are many potential benefits to legally adopting your stepchildren.

You have options when a contractor does shoddy work on your house

Remodeling your home is stressful, even if everything goes perfectly. Typically, you won't have access to the space undergoing changes for several days, if not weeks. The remodel can also impact the critical systems of your home, from plumbing to electrical. That can mean that you can't use the water in any part of your home or have to go without electricity for several hours at a time.

Most homeowners can push through these stresses by focusing on how excellent their living space will be after the remodel is over. Unfortunately, for some homeowners, the headache doesn't end when construction does. They may discover that the contractors they hired did a truly poor job. This bad work could impact the livability of the space or even impact the overall value of the home.

3 important aspects of divorce

Imagine you've been married for 30 years and now your relationship is coming to a close. Now imagine you've been married for six months and you're contemplating divorce. Regardless of how long your relationship has lasted, every divorce needs to cover three main areas.

You may want to consider these areas carefully and decide your goals surrounding these topics before you begin your divorce process. Here are the three most important aspects of divorce in this respect:

Important things to understand about divorce mediation

If you're interested in divorce, it won't be long before you turn your attention to mediation. This is the best way to resolve disputes during the divorce process, thus allowing you to move forward as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In mediation, a third party mediator helps both individuals resolve disputes associated with things such as child custody, child support and property division.

What are some components of adoption in Georgia?

Adoption is a huge decision that impacts everyone in the family. There are many steps to adopting a child in Georgia. Learning about what is going to happen can sometimes diminish stress as you work through everything.

The adoption process isn't going to be speedy. Each step you must take will require time. For example, Georgia law requires that potential adoptive parents attend an information session prior to beginning the pre-service training. From there, other things must also be done before an adoption is finalized.

Address common issues as a new single parent after divorce

There is nothing easy about moving from a two-parent home to a single-parent home. You have a lot of things to figure out now, but this doesn't mean that you can't work through all the challenges.

You need to come up with a plan for addressing some of the most common struggles that newly single parents face. Some challenges take quite a bit of work while others will resolve more easily.

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