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The potential benefits of stepparent adoption in Georgia

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2019 | Uncategorized

Blended families, which include children from prior marriages, are quite common. Each family has its own unique circumstances, and parents should always remain as attentive to the individual needs of the children and their family as possible. One of those needs is the desire for a sense of belonging and family unity.

As a stepparent who has deep love and a sense of obligation toward your stepchildren, you may be wondering if the time has come to adopt the children of your spouse. By doing so, you can cement their position in your life, while also reinforcing the strength of your entire family unit. There are many potential benefits to legally adopting your stepchildren.

Adoption can help end the demands on an uninvolved biological parent

Whether your spouse was previously married or had a child without marrying the other parent, it is possible that the biological parent of your stepchildren doesn’t have much enthusiasm for their role as parent. They may avoid paying child support or even refuse to spend time with the children at all.

That can create a hostile and stressful situation for both your partner and the children in your family. By legally adopting your stepchildren, you assume the role that the biological parent wants filled. The legal responsibility for financial and social support will fall to you, instead of the biological parent.

Provided that the other parent has had their parental right revoked by the court or does not want them, you can assume both the responsibilities of a parent and the wonderful rights that come with them.

Adoption can help your stepchildren move on and be happier

Whether their other parent is no longer part of their life due to death or divorce, it is likely that your stepchildren struggle with their current situation. They may feel unwanted or unloved, or have unresolved trauma related to a sense of abandonment.

By stepping up and assuming the role of legal parents, you will provide stability and a sense of belonging to your stepchildren. This can help them socially and emotionally as they mature. It can also help your spouse feel more comfortable about your blended family and protect your right to a relationship with the children in the event that your marriage ends or your spouse dies unexpectedly.

It can help your family become closer if everyone agrees

Stepparent adoption is a complex area of law. It is also a legal procedure that is steeped in emotional significance. Before you initiate the process, you should explore whether you have the legal right to seek adoption. You should also discuss your desires to adopt the children with both your stepchildren and your spouse.

Provided that your situation meets the requirements for adoption in Georgia and everyone agrees it is for the best, it may be time to schedule an appointment with a family law attorney.